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SEASIDE® Wine Project
SEASIDE® Wine Project
SEASIDE® Wine Project
SEASIDE® Wine Project

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The perfect pairing:
SEASIDE® and Kokomo Winery

The idea of SEASIDE® began with the notion of reviving traditions deep rooted in the history of the Florida Gulf Coast. In the late 1970s, co-founders Robert and Daryl Davis envisioned creating a town on the 80 acres of pristine property located near Seagrove Beach that Robert inherited from his grandfather. Their dream was of a place that would maintain a high degree of quality and character seamlessly tied by a common sense of community. That place is SEASIDE® — a new urbanist community where families longing for a comforting throwback to simpler times by the sea can still experience a simple, beautiful life.

Similar in vision, Kokomo Winery is rediscovering and reviving traditional techniques of growing grapes and making wine that are deeply rooted in the terroir of Sonoma, just as SEASIDE® has rediscovered and revived Gulf Coast architecture and community building.

Owner and Winemaker Erik Miller focuses the production of his single-vineyard wines on the special characteristics and qualities from the natural terrain and the climate of Sonoma County and its distinct appellations to offer flavorful, balanced, handcrafted wines. Named after Erik’s hometown, Kokomo, Indiana, the winery is perched on 120 acres of prime Dry Creek Valley known as Timber Crest Farms. This unique and scenic property possesses a rich history in Sonoma County dating back to the mid-1800s. Kokomo believes that small production techniques and relationships with growers allow the winery to create and offer wines that are as individual and unique as the vineyards from which they were born.

SEASIDE® and Kokomo Winery have partnered to offer the best-tasting and highest-quality wines that have become the private label collection for SEASIDE®. These hand-selected wines have now been made available to our SEASIDE® guests by the glass or bottle at SEASIDE® merchants including 45 Central Wine Bar, Amavida Coffee & Tea, Bud & Alley’s Restaurant, Pizza Bar and Taco Bar, Great Southern Café, Modica Market, Raw & Juicy, Sóng and The Shrimp Shack. Exclusive to SEASIDE®, wine enthusiasts may choose from among their favorite varieties including a sauvignon blanc, a crisp chardonnay, pinot noir, cuvée and a light, red zinfandel.

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