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SEASIDE® named in “Why These 7 Cities Should Be On Your 2015 Travel List” – Refinery29

Why These Cities
As a Southerner, I used to take living in Atlanta for granted. But, lately, in a season of blizzards and nor’easters constantly in the news, I’ve come to realize the many merits of the South: the historical architecture, the myriad cultural offerings — and, first and foremost, the balmy climate.

By way of spontaneous, summer weekend adventures with friends, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to some other unique spots in the region. The one thing that links them all? Charm. It shines through in strangers’ smiles, the natural landscape, and the local businesses. If you haven’t been down below, it’s time for a road trip — when the roads have defrosted, of course. Here are seven Southern destinations that will not disappoint.

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