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Leah Hawkins discusses SEASIDE® and “30A faves” on her blog!

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From watercolor you will reach seaside, which is my favorite place on earth. The architecture is famous and the vibe is decidedly preppy, relaxed and fun. When you get to seaside you can park your car, slip on your flip flops and relax for the week. There’s no need to leave. Everything is at your fingertips and in style. You have wonderful dining options, chic shopping and lively entertainment. Or you can just relax and recharge. Even in January, the sun is shining and the dolphins are more lively than ever, and a few days here will leave you feeling rejuvenated. Summer is the pinnacle of the seaside experience. The weather is sultry, the ocean has heated to a tolerable temperature and the feeling of sand under my feet is heaven.

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