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Honeymoon Cottages
Honeymoon Cottages

Honeymoon Cottages

As an undergraduate student at the University of Virginia, architect Scott Merrill found his calling in the design ideals of Thomas Jefferson that permeate the beautiful Charlottesville campus. When Robert Davis chose Merrill to create a series of “honeymoon cottages” in the new town of Seaside, the pairing was inspired. As it happened Davis wanted to model these after Jefferson’s own honeymoon cottage – a modest building where Jefferson lived with his bride Martha while he was building Monticello.

Today known as the Beachfront Cottages, this series of 12, perfect-for two bungalows represents the essence of the Seaside design ethic, with comfortable and romantic dwelling spaces coupled with unobtrusive beachscape exteriors. Nearby, they have since been joined by “anniversary cottages” with more space for families. The names, of course, are not intended literally but represent an ongoing homage to time well-spent together.

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